Creating “Success” in Success Harbour with Monson

Working for a software company with a number of prominent global customers has its perks, like seeing the world and experiencing new cultures. It’s incredible to visit client offices in places like Copenhagen, Singapore, Brazil, and see we're all connected by the software made in Vancouver by SEDNA. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Fremantle, Australia to support the upgrade of one customer, Monson, to the latest version of SEDNA.


Where is Fremantle or as the locals call it Freo, well it’s a port city in Western Australia that’s part of Perth and it takes about 24 hours of travel to get there from Vancouver. They have a surprisingly robust coffee culture, there is a area called the Cappuccino Strip that is legendary for its many outdoor cafes and restaurants where barista's prepare an unending variety of coffee's.

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Now, it might seem like a long way to travel for one customer but organizations rely on SEDNA as a mission critical communication platform and we make it a priority to ensure they are set up for success.

Although it sounds like the trip was just me, I had a whole team back in Vancouver and a really great champion at Monson in Monique Grobler, Commercial Manager, who did an amazing job working to ensure everyone introduced to SEDNA had the information they needed.

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This was important as down time for users had to be minimal and those familiar with the previous version of SEDNA had to learn a new user interface, enhanced tagging, richer message composition and expanded search functionality that requires a bit of an adjustment.

I arrived on Monday night, connected with Monique on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning she met me at the hotel I was staying and we walked over to the their head office. Now I’ve been all over the world but I have to say that walking across Esplanade Park to the Monson office, located in Success Harbour, is one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever seen.

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Upon arrival at the Monson office Monique graciously provided an office and introduced me to the entire company through Facebook workplace. This became a great way to stay connected with people across the 18 offices to capture their feedback, answer questions and troubleshoot issues.

There was a lot of training requirements and questions but it was clear that people were familiar with the system due to the great work done by Monique’s team to provide information upfront and welcome email from SEDNA that included links to the How to Guide, Help Center and Support team.

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By the end of day one, we identified one main issue as people were experiencing a system lag due to over 16,000 job references being associated to emails. If you’re not familiar with SEDNA, our shared team inbox uses tags instead of folders to classify email. A job reference is a tag assigned to a specific project. For each email people send or receive, they associate to a specific job reference related to that project.

In Monson’s case, we found every message was going through 16,000 job references, many of which were no longer active. Now, because of the time zone difference with the SEDNA office in Vancouver, this provided both a challenge and opportunity. The challenge was that I had a small window each day to speak directly during my morning and the end of day in Vancouver. The opportunity was that while Australia slept, the Vancouver team could work on the issues raised.

In terms of the system lag, we were able to identify the issue on day one and within 48 hours provide a fix to address the issue. Now, one week later, the amount of Zendesk tickets and how to questions are nearly gone as people get up to speed quickly with SEDNA. On the last day, Monique and team took me out for lunch to a great place called “Char Char Restaurant and Bar” to celebrate our success in Success Bay.

Author by: Kevin Archibald
Enterprise Account Manager, SEDNA