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6 Things I Learned Working Remotely

Working remotely is a hot topic.  Some companies encourage it, others are against it. As a customer support specialist at SEDNA, I’ve had the fortune to work remotely for big companies and small start-ups. What follows are six of the most important things I’ve learned from working remotely.

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SEDNA Launches New Platform to Increase Productivity & Enhance Data Security

We are very proud to announce a major update to our transaction management platform. This latest version represents an evolution of our first generation system from 2015 which introduced the concept of a shared team inbox, message tags and search functionality to help organizations optimize the performances of their teams.

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2018 to be Breakthrough Year for Team Collaboration Software in Shipping

Noel Pullen, President of SEDNA, explains that a growing number of high-profile shipping organizations are leading the way in the adoption of transaction management software for team collaboration. Bill Dobie, Founder & CEO, SEDNA, agrees, saying this trend is set to have a transformative impact on commercial operations within the shipping sector.

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