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Why Email is a hard habit to break

There are many reasons why people resist change, Harvard Business Review identified ten and we assume these factors are at play as to why organizations still rely on email systems that has outgrown its original purpose and now become a productivity killer as people drown in email overload. The prominence of email to business is significant and still dominates the realm of communication. But there has to be a better way and SEDNA is taking charge to solve this issue.

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Slack went public last week, representing the beginning of the end for traditional email systems

Slack, the messaging system used by everyone from startups and dentists to multinational companies went public this past week. A significant milestone in the history of corporate communication and a validation that SEDNA is on the right path. Both companies in our own way are working to solve a problem neglected for decades. As a fellow Vancouver software company we could not be happier for their success and the future that we both envision where people have a better way to communicate and collaborate.

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