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Why Email is a hard habit to break

There are many reasons why people resist change, Harvard Business Review identified ten and we assume these factors are at play as to why organizations still rely on email systems that has outgrown its original purpose and now become a productivity killer as people drown in email overload. The prominence of email to business is significant and still dominates the realm of communication. But there has to be a better way and SEDNA is taking charge to solve this issue.

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Top digital transformation trends for 2019

The decade has brought near-mass adoption of cloud technologies and the expectation of instant access to enormous data, whether it is your office documents, movies over Netflix, streamed music, or mobile and social media. What digital transformations will the next 10 years bring? Will they disrupt business, much like how the cloud, mobile and increased social media use did? Here are three areas where we predict innovation and business will soon intersect.

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