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The Digitization of Shipping

On June 19, 2018, a group of industry leaders came together to address the topic of "Time as a Commodity" and the digitization of shipping with industry executives from the US, UK, Singapore, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and South Africa in attendance. Read about the key areas they’ve identified that help bring technology to organisations seeking greater efficiency and profits.

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SEDNA Launches New Platform to Increase Productivity & Enhance Data Security

We are very proud to announce a major update to our transaction management platform. This latest version represents an evolution of our first generation system from 2015 which introduced the concept of a shared team inbox, message tags and search functionality to help organizations optimize the performances of their teams.

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The Best Way to Communicate With Remote Teams

Remote work helps with productivity and work-life balance, but communication becomes a challenge that team managers need to address. Team leaders should choose a communication channel that best fits the task at hand, and set expectations and usage guidelines for each. Find out how the right solutions can help your team be more productive and efficient.

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