Our Commitment to You

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We accept who you are.

We celebrate our successes together.

We value your time and life outside of work.

We will provide big, interesting problems for you to work on.

We promote working better together and learning from each other.


Flexible Work Environment

We work hard and strive for results. We also value people’s lives outside of work. The people of SEDNA are world travellers, devoted parents, ultra marathon runners, knitting enthusiasts, animal lovers, ski adventurers, hip hop dancers, Canada Games athletes, emergency response volunteers, and so much more.

We support our team in working from home or remotely when needed. We understand that sometimes our people need to come late or leave early because life happens. We know the commute for some of our people is killer, and starting the day earlier and ending the day earlier helps with this. We do not micromanage our flexibility, and trust that our people can manage their work and their lives appropriately.

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Working Better Together

We’ve adopted some work practices that help us work better together.

Champion helpfulness and responsiveness: We understand that collective action only happens when people work together. We also know that responsiveness is important for our people and our customers, because being responsive makes people feel heard.

Let people self-serve: We aim to give our staff and our customers the ability and authority to serve themselves. Why? So they can get their jobs done without bottlenecks and unnecessary dependencies in the way.

Ask “What does the data say?” This is a core practice at SEDNA because it helps us understand the magnitude of a problem, support our decisions, understand impact, and continuously improve, and celebrate.

Work out loud: We make our work visible and help others understand it. Why? So we can help others, get help, and crystallize our knowledge.


Top 5 things to know about SEDNA

1. We’re global



A modern open office space nestled comfortably in Chelsea and just steps from Fulham Road’s endless boutique shops and restaurants.



We’re located in the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s CBD. Take a short MRT ride to Marina Bay, or explore Telok Ayer Market and hawker centres nearby.


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Our biggest office, located in downtown Vancouver by the iconic Vancouver Central Library. Explore the endless food options nearby, ranging from Japanese tapas, to Memphis BBQ.

2. We have a bright future

Winner, Ready to Rocket 2019

SEDNA received the “Ready to Rocket” award recognizing the top private companies best positioned to capitalize on future trends.

"Each year when we choose the Ready to Rocket companies, we are looking for those companies that have best matched technical innovation with market opportunity. SEDNA is an excellent example of the right technology for the right customers at the right time."

Reg Nordman, Managing Partner, Rocket Builders

3. Fortune 500 Clients depend on us

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SEDNA is the communication and collaboration system for Glencore, NORDEN, Swire Bulk, Ardmore, and many more global shipping companies.

Switching to SEDNA gives us the chance to re-examine our workflows and potentially save hours every day in team collaboration. The system is in line with our ‘Focus & Simplicity’ strategy, that will help us unlock valuable resources to develop and grow our business.”

Sture Freudenreich, Head of IT at NORDEN

4. We value Co-Op students

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We value co-op students and the opportunities for both their personal development and as a source of innovation to SEDNA by hiring them to work with us.

Gurinder was a Computer Science student from the University of British Columbia who worked with SEDNA in 2018 for 4 months and is now a full time employee. During his internship at SEDNA he used his expertise to conduct experiments using machine learning to better classify our clients’ email. You can read about Gurinder’s experience in his blog post.

5. We use SEDNA

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We are all users as well as developers of our own product; it's a reliable part of our daily workflow. From sales to support we love using SEDNA.


Come join us!

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