Why did you decide to join SEDNA?

When I was thinking of leaving my old job, I knew the CTO at the time and he was building a team with particular qualities in mind. A team that is extremely open and comfortable with each other. Building for a certain level of respect and “niceness” on the team. It’s a welcoming team.

For you, what makes SEDNA a great place to work?

Open and welcomeness. We are into interesting, fun problems. We are into scaling problems now. This will sound dorky over time...I really like the idea of the product. It’s fun to explain it to people and have them understand the value so quickly. We are changing how people work.

What does diversity at SEDNA mean to you?

It means having the same opportunities as everyone else, for doing great work. It means having people to connect with and work with, and understanding how our product impacts different people. As a side example - the design team put a lot of thought into the colours they use for people who have vision challenges.

What is your most memorable SEDNA experience so far?

Honestly, for me it is the crisis days. The team pulls together very closely and consistently. We organize, we problem solve...the way it all plays out is open, positive (it is not blameful or negative). It is extremely goal oriented for recovery for our clients, and everyone is actually aligned.

What is your favourite way to spend your time once the work day or work week is over?

Dance classes. Being in the studio with a teacher in front of you watching you try to do complicated, physical body movements is the furthest thing from programming. It’s an excellent way to totally recharge via a different activity.

What is your favourite quote, or piece of advice that someone has given you?

It is a recent piece of advice…”just roll with it”. I interpret this as “solve the next problem...what is the next problem to solve. Can we get closer to the next goal.”