For you, what makes SEDNA a great place to work?

It’s very encouraging and supportive. It's a house of “yes”, “let’s try this and let’s make it better.” These are great qualities in a company that’s moving fast.

How would you describe leadership at SEDNA?

Open. Encouraging. Good listeners. Empathetic to the customers and the people who work here. I think they care about the people’s wellbeing, and are encouraging and supportive to help you succeed.

What does flexibility at SEDNA mean to you?

The ability to work remotely and not feel guilty. Other companies say you can, but it is frowned upon. There’s also the flexibility to try different things and not be satisfied with the current state...we test and try new things.

What is your most memorable SEDNA experience so far?

Getting 45 people to register for our seminar at the CMA when typically people get 5 or 10 registrations. That indicated to me that we were onto something and people were interested in SEDNA.

If you weren’t the Director of Marketing for SEDNA, what would you be doing? What is your dream job?

I would be a writer, either as a novelist or a playwright, or a writer for the Simpsons.