Why should other people join SEDNA?

It is a friendly atmosphere. There doesn't seem to be a blame culture here. Any mistakes are shared in a positive way so people can learn from them. There’s no reprimanding. It is encouraging. It’s like positive reinforcement...people are celebrated for their wins and not reprimanded for mistakes / learning opportunities.

How would you describe leadership at SEDNA?

High quality. It's very positive. Noel and his effective communication is second to none. JGF’s leadership to grow the business is outstanding.

What does flexibility at SEDNA mean to you?

Through the advice process, you can work from home when you need to, take care of your sick kid, be away when you need to and know that the team trusts you and covers for you. You do what you need to do and get the job done.

You can take off the time you need and know that the company trusts you to know what you need to get done and the team is there for you when you need help.

If you weren’t an Account Manager at SEDNA, what would be your dream job?

I would be a wakeboarding instructor. I’d like to be paid to be on the water at all times.

What is your favourite quote, or piece of advice that someone has given you?

“Find something you love doing and you will never work a day in your life.”