Simplify the complexity of business transactions

SEDNA is the solution enterprise teams need to manage mountains of paperwork, collaborate with internal or external groups and securely document business transactions.

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With SEDNA you'll get the job done faster, work better as a team & enhance the security of your documents. 


Get the Job Done Faster 

A vast amount of resources are wasted due to inefficient, error-prone manual processes and antiquated tools like email. People spend up to 2 hours a day just managing, coordinating and filing email messages. SEDNA simplifies the process with a business transaction system that leverages content tagging, filters, collaboration and search. Messages are more relevant and finding information is easier. Saving people more time and helping them get the job done faster.


Increase Team Productivity

A recent report on the state of enterprise work found that excessive emails top the list of productivity killers, forcing workers to spend less than half of their time on the work they were actually hired to do. SEDNA moves communication from individual email systems to a shared team inbox. The result improves overall workflow, provides greater transparency on a project and improved collaboration. 


Enhance Document Security

Two major security threats that enterprise organizations must protect themselves against are phishing attacks and data breaches. Phishing attacks occur when someone impersonate a legitimate company or individual with the intent to benefit. Data breaches happen when private information are released publicly via email. SEDNA helps reduce the risk of these attacks because our system identifies verified email recipients, thereby minimizing the potential of responding to a non-authorized recipients.

SEDNA’s one mailbox one team concept has strengthened the communication and collaboration of our teams across the board. It has simplified our company email set-up and reduced the impact on our servers, leading to faster performance all round. Big tick from us.
— Monique Costantino, Commercial Manager, Monson Agencies Australia