SEDNA Launches New Platform to Increase Productivity & Enhance Data Security

We are very proud to announce a major update to our transaction management platform. This latest version represents an evolution of our first generation system from 2015 which introduced the concept of a shared team inbox, message tags and search functionality to help organizations optimize the performances of their teams.

The new platform enhances data security for organizations in Shipping and Commodities, while saving users up to two hours per day by eliminating productivity-killing tasks such as email filing, management and lengthy searches.

Feature highlights include:

  1. Unified user interface to better manage communication and collaboration across teams.

  2. Search millions of messages, instantly with better filters, auto-completion to personalize content, and use of bookmarking to save frequent search queries.

  3. Enhanced tagging to find information even faster through expanded tagging functionality and auto-tagging that matches incoming content.  

  4. Rich message composition with the introduction of standard message templates, content snippets, and data integration that makes sending messages more efficient.

  5. Modern security using a new sign-in system that leverages multi-authentication (MFA) to enhance communication and document security

While formally introducing the new system, our CEO Bill Dobie said the value SEDNA delivers is addressing the time-consuming processes of internal and external communication that's wasting millions of dollars in mismanaging transactions. Our CRO, Jean-Guy Faubert, added that the new platform not only addresses the fundamental
cost of communication, but also the need to ensure communication is done securely. He went on to highlight how the new version is our most secure yet with the inclusion of MFA (Multi-factor authentication) providing an added layer
of defense to make it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access an organization's network or database.

Initial response by customers to the new version is very positive. Monique Grobler, Commercial Manager, Monson Agencies Australia, whose team upgraded to the latest version from SEDNA reacted by posting on LinkedIn: “We found the perfect solution for Team Based Email with SEDNA! Goodbye Outlook.”

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