One place to bring it all together

There are a lot of moving parts to a business transaction. Get your team working as one with SEDNA's shared inbox – it's a far superior way to organize information, collaborate with others and monitor communications within a secure environment.

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SEDNA is made for teams who need the most relevant information to get the job done, fast and securely.


Focus on the job

We designed SEDNA with an understanding that the jobs you do depend upon people and the data they share. The system is designed to associate messages and people to a project or job to create one standard of understanding. This removes the complexity of individual users developing their own complex folder structures. Instead we use tags to provide context and easily associate teams with messages. Over time, SEDNA learns about your team's processes and groups content to improve efficiency.


Work as one team 

SEDNA delivers a shared team inbox without compromising details, privacy or confidentiality. Throughout a business transaction, everyone has access to view its status and progression. Creating a transparent working environment through shared messaging. At the end of the project, there is a complete record of all communication and documentation associated with a transaction.


Get the most relevant information 

Search is fast and pinpointed as you can seek information by filtering millions of messages to a specific email, attachment, term, tag, or person. The system auto-completes the terms you type into search and makes suggestions based on the information that may be most relevant to you and your team. Messages can quickly be filtered by time and topic to isolate the content that is most relevant to you. Providing a reliable way of working that allows you and your team to find what they need.


Trust knowing your data is secure

Know that your information is securely stored on the cloud. The system helps reduce the risk of fraud because it identifies verified recipients and creates a trusted source of communication with partners and throughout your organization.

See SEDNA Search in Action

Did you know that you could use boolean search terms in SEDNA to find exactly what you’re looking for? Watch our video to learn more.